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MANAKAMANA: By cable car in Nepal

Manakamna unfolds in sixteen-millimeter film, set entirely in a cable car in Nepal. Two faces appear, an elderly Nepalese man and a young boy in a baseball cap; the lush green forests of the foothills give way to a gentle climb. The gondola sways slightly as the pair sit silently in the mountain light. We slowly ... Continue reading ›

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Mark Cohen “photographer as a trigger happy gun-slinger”

Mark Cohen has spent decades doing hit-and-run street photography in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His pictures are always taken from waist-height, so he can keep his wits about him – and he's taken 800,000 shots he's never even seen Mark Cohen Photogrpaphy But isn't getting audaciously close, almost predatory, integral to his work? "The trespass makes it happen, yes," he ... Continue reading ›

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Manu Thomas on Street Photography and Kerala

I have always thought of street photography as a deeply meditative act. The act of wandering and training yourself to see. I've never met Manu Thomas (instagram) but when I first saw his photographs of Bombay, I could see a meditative quality to that exploration. Pages and pages of complex compositions, with such poetic organisation of spaces. ... Continue reading ›

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Exercise: Get a painted Backdrop. Set it up on a busy street square in India. Make Portraits.

Painted backdrops are a part of a long tradition of studio photography in India. I wanted to find out what kind of reaction people would have to a makeshift studio on a busy square in the city of Bhopal. The result is a portfolio of portraits which features a colourful variety everyday people, posed against hand-painted backdrops. I printed the ... Continue reading ›

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Hello & welcome to Blindboys.org – A Visual Webzine from South Asia.

Since it’s launch on in 2008 Blindboys.org has been many things under one roof; an online showcase for narrative based photography(Asia’s first), public art tinkerers and most importantly for a period a community. Blindboys.org was always meant to be an experimental venue for photography. Started online we quickly moved to the streets, creating ad-hoc public photo galleries ... Continue reading ›

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Review: Kushal Ray’s Intimacies

YOUNG WAVERING photojournalists, such as myself, often go in search of pictures with a sometimes wanton thirst. They move cities, living their days out of cheap bus-stand lodges or friends’ apartments, and nights drinking outside cheap bars on Church Street. Anything that provokes a narrative. They probably think that like Nan Goldin, they’ll make pictures representing the ... Continue reading ›

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C.K. Rajan offers a “now” perspective on photo-collage

  "You really have to work to unsee Stezaker when looking at the works of artists who have been around nearly as he has, but whose aesthetic is slowly being devoured by the potency of Stezaker’s influence. It’s a problem too, because an artist like C.K. Rajan who is featured in the show offers a very ... Continue reading ›