Saint-Petersburg based photographerJana Romanova  had an idea. Troubled by the fact that even-though photobooks explore a myriad list of topics – their audience is mostly limited to people connected with photography. Jana, Alexander Gorbunov & Katya Yushkevich decided to remedy the matter by inviting experts from various fields, not connected with photography, but connected with the photographers subject and intentions. To “read” & “review” different photobooks from their point of view. So was born the Youtube channel “Expert Photobook Review” a series of video-reviews to build bridges and connect artistic photography with a new audience. We are very happy to premiere the first few video-reviews at our projections at BlowUp! Angkor 2014.

Take a look at  videos review of On Aether a book by Fedor Shklyaruk

[You might need to turn on the English subtitles on the bottom right  corner under preferences ]

On Aether by Fedor Shklyaruk from Fedor Shklyaruk on Vimeo.

Feel free to subscribe to the channel or If you are in Siem Reap joins us for our projections !

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