Since it’s launch on in 2008 has been many things under one roof; an online showcase for narrative based photography(Asia’s first), public art tinkerers and most importantly for a period a community. was always meant to be an experimental venue for photography. Started online we quickly moved to the streets, creating ad-hoc public photo galleries on the streets using building walls and shop fronts as hanging spaces. We called called it BlowUp ! And we slowly accrued a devoted following. Submissions number in the hundreds. Over 4 year period we self-funded over 25 exhibitions in Asia and Europe showcasing the work of over 200 photographers.

In 2012, we went on a little hiatus and suspended all our activities, other an annual BlowUp! street exhibition which runs along theAngkor Photo Festival.

Alot has changed since 2008. We are no longer isolated practitioners looking westwards.There seems to be several initiatives in the photographic spaces Galli, PIX, not to mention India’s first real photo festival, Photo.Circle in Kathmandu just to name a few. Older initiatives before our time in Dhaka; Chobhi Mela for example. Then there are initiatives on instagram who have just launched like The Katha Collective and TheIndiaPhotoProject. The audience is here and not in West.

I think the time is right for us to come together and evolve and change. Obviously some things are not negotiable, as always we will strive to be independent, free, and self funded.

The idea is simple, in short we aim to be independent webzine which look photography in South Asia in a collaborative, critical, curative and independent manner . Our first offering is a visual feed that brings into sharp focus photography from South Asia, cutting through independent practice and hopefully shining light on the vernacular.

Our Vision


Contemporary photography in the region is in the process of evolving it’s own concerns. The region as we know is country littered with visual cultures and in-spite of the fact we have evolved our own, sometimes crude other times brilliant vocabulary in cinema we have not done so in photography. Till Indian photography addresses a way to build an Indian audience for the practice it will struggle to find relevance. Our aim, working together is to curate the richness of the South Asian visual experience present and future.

The scope for photography as medium to express and to shape its own narratives is largely virgin. We have barely scratched the surface of what archives of rich photography can be mined form the every day Indian experience. The is what drives us.

If you wish to contribute; you can email us here

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