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Expert Photobook Reviews from Russia [with Love]

Saint-Petersburg based photographer Jana Romanova  had an idea. Troubled by the fact that even-though photobooks explore a myriad list of topics - their audience is mostly limited to people connected with photography. Jana, Alexander Gorbunov & Katya Yushkevich decided to remedy the matter by inviting experts from various fields, not connected with photography, but connected with the photographers subject and intentions. To “read” ... Continue reading ›

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Hello & welcome to – A Visual Webzine from South Asia.

Since it’s launch on in 2008 has been many things under one roof; an online showcase for narrative based photography(Asia’s first), public art tinkerers and most importantly for a period a community. was always meant to be an experimental venue for photography. Started online we quickly moved to the streets, creating ad-hoc public photo galleries ... Continue reading ›